Collection of Amiga part numbers collected while refurbishing repair an Amiga 500 Rev 8.1a in november 2013

1.2 ROM Chip Part Number: for A500/A2000: 315093-01

1.3 ROM Chip Part Number: for A500/A2000: 315093-02

2.04 ROM Chip Part Numbers: for A500/A2000: 390630-01 (32-Bit High Word), 390629-01 (32-Bit Low Word)

2.04 ROM chip Parn Numbers: for A500/A2000: 390629-02, 390630-02.

2.04 ROM Chip Part Numbers for A3000: 390630-03 (32-Bit High Word), 390629-03 (32-Bit Low Word).

2.04 ROM Chip Part Number: for A500/A2000: 390979-01.

2.04 ROM Chip Part Number: for A500/A2000: 363968-01

2.05 ROM Chip Part Number for A600 (v37.299): 391388-01

2.05 ROM Chip Part Number for A600 (v37.300): 391304-01

2.05 ROM Chip Part Number for A600 (v37.350): 391304-02.

Agnus (512K) 8361 252125-01 A1000 (NTSC), A2000A (NTSC)
Agnus (512K) 8361 R3 A1000(NTSC), A2000A(NTSC)
Agnus (512K) 8367 252362-01 A1000 (PAL), A2000A (PAL)
Agnus (512K) 8370 318070-01 A500 (NTSC), A2000 (NTSC)
Agnus (512K) 8371 318071-01 A500 (PAL), A2000 (PAL)
Agnus (1MB) 8372 318069-02 A500 (PAL), A2000 (PAL) Regular Type
Agnus (1MB) 8372A 318069-029 A500 (PAL), A2000 (PAL) (changed after some damage)
Agnus (2MB) 8372AB 318069-03 A3000 (PAL), A3000T (PAL)
Agnus (2MB) 8372B 318069-03 MegAChip (NTSC) Compatible with 8375 (318069-xx)
Agnus (2MB) 8375 R0 318069-18 A500+ (PAL), A600 (PAL)
Agnus (1MB) 8375 / 8375 R1 318069-16 A500 (PAL), A2000 (PAL)
Agnus (2MB) 8375 R2 318069-10 A500+ (PAL), A600 (PAL)
Agnus (2MB) 8375 318069-11 A500+(NTSC) and A600(NTSC)
Agnus (1MB) 8375 318069-17 A500 (NTSC), A2000 (NTSC)
Agnus (2MB) 8375 318069-19 A3000 (NTSC), A3000T (NTSC)
Agnus (2MB) 8375 390544-01 A500+ (PAL), A600 (PAL)
Agnus (2MB) 8375 390544-02 A500+ (NTSC), A600 (NTSC)
Agnus (2MB) 8375 (390544-xx) is not pin compatible with 8375/8372AB/8372B (318069-xx) !!

256KB 80NS : AAA 1M304P-08 MMBS 9202 : 4x On motherboard A500 rev 8.1a giving a total of 1MB of Chipmem

Denise (OCS) 8362 R6
Denise (OCS) 8362 R8
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 390433-02 A500+, A2000, A3000
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 391061-01 A600
Super-Denise (ECS) 8373 R4 391081-01 A600

How to connect the amiga to a SCART plug - modified version for widescreens?
AMIGA                    MOD            SCART

pin 23 +5V            -> 100 Ohm     -> pin 16 RGB / Blanking (1-3V == RGB)
pin 10 TTL CSYNC      -> 220 Ohm     -> pin 20 Composite Y S-Video In
pin 22 +12V           -> 1   KOhm    -> pin 8  Switch & Aspect Ratio (12V == 4:3)

pin 3 Red Output                     -> pin 15 Red Input
pin 4 Green Output                   -> pin 11 Green Input
pin 5 Blue Output                    -> pin 7  Blue Input

pin 16 Video Ground                  -> pin 18 RGB Blanking Ground (for pin 16)
pin 17 Video Ground                  -> pin 17 Composit Video Ground (for pin 20)
pin 18 Video Ground                  -> pin 9  Green Ground (for pin 11)
pin 19 Video Ground                  -> pin 13 Red Ground (for pin 15)
pin 20 Video Ground                  -> pin 5  Blue Ground (for pin 7)

Amiga Chips and Part Numbers

This list was compiled by Robert C. Reiswig
©1997 v1.0 bridgette
If you can ADD to this list of Amiga custom chips plese email Rob the chip information.

People who have helped:
Brian Cluff - AA3000 & A3000+ chips
Scott Bennett - A4000 chips
Greg Scott - CDTV-II chips

Name Commodore Part Number Machine Used In
Kickstart ROMs
Kickstart V1.2 315093-01 A500, A2000
Kickstart V1.3 (34.5) 315093-02 A500, A2000,CDTV
Kickstart V1.4 (??.??) 390630-02 A3000 (32 Bit High Word)
Kickstart V1.4 (??.??) 390629-02 A3000 (32 Bit Low Word)
Kickstart V2.0 (3312.20085) 390630-01 A3000 (32 Bit High Word)
Kickstart V2.0 (3312.20085) 390629-01 A3000 (32 Bit Low Word)
Kickstart V2.04 (37.175) 390630-03 A3000 (32 Bit High Word)
Kickstart V2.04 (37.175) 390629-03 A3000 (32 Bit Low Word)
Kickstart V2.04 (37.175) 390979-01 ???, A2000
Kickstart V2.04 (37.175) 363968-01 ???
Kickstart V2.05 (37.299) 391388-01 A600
Kickstart V2.05 (37.??) 391304-02 ???
Kickstart V3.0 (39.106) 391524-01 A1200 (ROM 0)
Kickstart V3.0 (39.106) 391523-01 A1200 (ROM 1)
Kickstart V3.0 (39.106) 319513-02 A4000 (ROM 1 D0-D15)
Kickstart V3.0 (39.106) 319514-02 A4000 (ROM 0 D16-D31)
Fat Agnus 8370 NTSC 318070-01 A500, A2000
Fat Agnus 8371 PAL 318071-01 A500, A2000
Super Agnus 8372 1 MEG 318069-01 A2000
Fat Agnus 8372A 1 MEG 318069-01 CDTV
Fat Agnus 8372 1 MEG 318069-02 ????
Fat Agnus 8372 2 MEG 318069-03 A3000
Fat Agnus 8375 2 MEG 318069-11 A600, CDTV-II
Fat Agnus 8375 ? MEG 318069-17 A2000
Paula 8364 252127-01 A2000, A3000
Paula 8364 R7 252127-02 A500, CDTV, A3000
Denise 8362 R6 252126-01 A500, A2000
Denise 8362 R8 252126-02 A500, CDTV, A3000
ECS Denise 8373 390433-01 A3000
ECS Denise 390433-02 ????
Gary 5719 318072-01 A500, A2000
Fat Gary - 41 390540-02 A4000, A3000
Buster 5721 318075-01 A2000
Fat Buster 390539-02 A3000
Super Buster - 71 390539-07 A3000
Super Buster - 45 390537-09 A4000
Super Buster 390537-11 A3000, A4000
Amber 390538-03 A3000
Ramsey 390541-04 A3000
Ramsey - 45 390541-07 A4000, A3000
DMAC 390537-02 A3000
DMAC 390563-02 CDTV
Super DMAC 390537-04 ????
Alice 8374 391010-01 A1200, A4000
Lisa 8364 R7PL 391077-01 A4000
Gayle - R5 391424-02 A1200
Gayle - ?? ??????-?? CD32
Budgie Rev 0 391425-01 A1200
Akiko ??????-?? CD32
Beauty - 45 391246-01 CDTV-II
Grace - 45 391245-02 CDTV-II


About 1/2 second delay
Disable and clear all interrupts
Dark grey screen
If ROM bad, screen red
Temporary exception processing: If artifical exception occurs, screen yellow.
Configure memory: If bad, screen green.
Custom IC registers. If bad, screen blue.
Restore screen change to light grey, then workbench prompt.


No workbench prompt:
Screen goes from dark grey to light grey but does not display

8520 U7 Odd CIA (U300 A2000)
8364 U3 Paula (U200 A2000)
EMI 1301 1ohm resistor (R309 Rev. 6A/7 boards; R200 A2000)
8370 - 8372/8375 U2 Fat Agnus (U101 A2000)
74LS32 U37 (chip select) U301 A2000)
U2 socket

No power up (black screen)

Substitute a known good power supply to eliminate it as a possible source of the problem.
68000 U1 (Check for excessive heat. If it is too hot to touch, it is bad) (U100 A2000)
8370 - 8372/8375 U2 (U101 A2000)
X1 Crystal (no clocks)

Green screen

8370 - 8372/8375 U2 (U101 A2000)
501 or similar RAM expansion
5719 U5 Gary (U102 A2000)
RAM on mother board (Check for excessive heat. If it is too hot to touch, it is bad.
U2 socket (U101 A2000)


If the caps lock light on the keyboard is flasching when power up, note the number of times it flashes:

1 flash: 6570-036 keyboard controller
2 flashes 6570-036 keyboard controller
3 flashes 555/74LS123/74LS27

The above chips are located on the keyboard. If you cannot reset computer [control-lamiga-ramiga], the most probable cause is Q2. The next most likely cause, 74LS27
If the keyboard is determind not to be the problem, the defect is most likely on the main PCB (A500/A2000 mother board). The most problematic chips are:

U7 Odd CIA (KBdata Pin 39 - KBclock Pin 40) (U300 A2000)
8370 - 8372/8375 (U101 A2000)
5719 Gary U5 (U102 A2000)
R914 1 ohm 1/2 watt resistor A2000 (supplies 5 volt to the keyboard)


A known good mouse and joystick should be used to eliminate them as the source of the problem. If it is determined that the mouse and joystick are okay, the most likely causes are:

Mouse does not move, left and right mouse buttons okay, joystick okay:

EMI 1401 5.1 ohm resistor (supplies 5 volt to mouse). A2000 Rev.6 and up: F1 4 amp pico fuse.
8362 U4 (U201 A2000)
74LS157 U15 (U202 A2000)

Mouse or joystick not working:

74LS157 U15 (U202 A2000)
8362 U4 (U201 A2000)
74F04 U33 (U107 A2000)

Left mouse button and fire button on joystick not working:

8520 U7 Odd CIA (U300 A2000)

Right mouse button not working

8364 U3 Paula (U200 A2000)


Screen brakes up (scrambles) after running for 15 to 30 minutes.
Probable causes are:

8370 - 8372/8375 U2 Fat Agnus (U101 A2000)
8362 U4 (U201 A2000)
U2 Socket (U101 A2000)

System locks up when double clicking icon:

8370/8375 U2 (U101 A2000)
8362 U4 (U201 A2000)
8520 U7 Odd CIA (U300 A2000)
74LS32 U37 (U302 A2000)

Scrambled video loss of composite sync.

8370 - 8372/8375 U2 (U101 A2000)
74HC245 U41 (74HCT244 U205 A2000)

Incorrect colors (loss of red, green or blue):

8362 U4 (U201 A2000)
74HC245 U40-U41 (74HCT244 U205-U206 A2000)
Video Hybrid

No video (black screen)

R405 4.7 ohm resistor
R406 4.7 ohm resistor
8362 U4 (U201 A2000)
Video Hybrid
74HC245 U40-U41 (74HCT244 U205-U206 A2000)


Modem will not transmit. Most likely causes are:

1488 U38 (transmit) (U304 A2000)
8364 U3 Paula (U200 A2000)
8520 U8 Even CIA (U301 A2000)

Modem or serial port will not receive:

1489 U39 (receive) (U305 A2000)
8364 U3 Paula (U200 A2000)
8520 U8 Even CIA (U301 A2000)

NOTE: Computer will function with no -12 volts but serial port will not work.


A known good printer should be substituted to eliminate it as the source of the problem.

Printer not working correctly or not working at all. The most likely causes are:

8520 U8 Even CIA (U301 A2000)
EMI 1501 47 ohm resistor (R318 A2000)

Prints incorrectly

8520 U7 Odd CIA (U300 A2000)


Clean heads and check for excess dust in drive. Clean out dust and try again. This may eliminate the problem. In the followings tests, a known good drive should be substituted to eliminate the drive as the source of the problem.

Internal/external drive not recognized. Probable causes:

8520 U8 Even CIA (U301 A2000)
F4 4 amp pico fuse bad (A2000)
F3 4 amp pico fuse bad (A2000)

Motor problem

8520 U8 Even CIA (U301 A2000)
5719 U5 Gary (U102 A2000)
74LS38 U 36 (U203 A2000)

Not recognizing disk change:

8520 U7 Odd CIA (U300 A2000)

Write protect problems:

8520 U7 Odd CIA (U300 A2000)

Read/Write errors:

8364 Paula U3 (U200 A2000)
68000 U1 (U100 A2000)
8370 - 8372/8375 U2 (U101 A2000)

DF1 A2000 not recognized:

J301 open (must have jumper installed)
8520 U301
74F00 U900
74LS74 U108


Problems with left, right or both channels:

8364 U3 Paula (U200 A2000)
LF347/TL084 OP-amp U14 (U204 A2000)
Q331 or Q321 F.E.T. (Q200 or Q201 A2000)
CN3 or CN4 (cold solder connection) (CN205 or CN204 A2000)
EMI 1303 or 1302 (R243-R233 1k ohm A2000)
Bad connecting cable.

NOTE 1: Remove all external add ons: extra memory, hard drive, external disk drive printer, modem. This elliminates them as a source of the problem. If computer works normally when all add ons have been removed, start adding devices on, one at a time, until the problem comes back. Then determine which is at fault, the device or the computer.

NOTE 2: Substitute a known good disk drive and power supply so as to to eliminate them as the source of the problem

Mega Chip Two docs To be continued...