December 2019: Managed to start Paragon BBS (source backup floppy!)

I used to be a Sysop of Paragon BBS from 1989 until 1994 on my Amiga 2000 with Kickstart 2.0 & WorkBench 2.0
The original install disks are lost and I could not find them on the internet.
But I do have some backup-floppies created from 1989-1992...

Original backup floppies Paragon

The goal is to get a clean/empty version of Paragon V 2.085r Amiga BBS software

I know the software was (C)1989 Inner Circle Software, but I assume the original developer is not harmed by doing so!

December 27, 2019: *** update ***
- I can now boot using KS2 using WinUAE emulator! Youtube: Booting Paragon BBS using WinUAE
Unfortunately, some time later I noticed the "New" user option fails: The modem resets during the process :(

December 26, 2019: *** XMas update ***
- boot from floppy df0: workbench 1.3
- Start paragon from Floppy df1:

Paragon running on df1:(KS 1.2 & WB 1.3)

December 23, 2019:
Paragon Not running on KS 2.04 & WB 2 :
Program fails immediately after CLI command: "paragon 1"
(amount of stack doesn't matter)

Paragon running on df1:(KS 2.04 & WB 2)

Paragon BBS V2.00 Sysop's manual

(C)1989 Inner Circle Software
by Jon Radoff