Functional design : vital first step

Making a functional design is a vital first step in the development of a website or a new functionality.

A functional design is a description of all functionalities to be developed for the website or application.

Navigation and flowchart

Step by step, a functional design shows how a visitor can navigate trough the site, visualized by some examples to make clear how the functionalities should work.

Flowchart Example

Functioneel design (continued)

The functional design is the basis of the agreements between the client and the contractor and can be seen as a guide parties should stick to during the development of the site or application.

Moreover a Functional design helps to avoid misunderstandings but especially irritation between client and contractors.

Another not insignificant factor is that a functional design reduces risks of delay during development and so reduces risks of surpassing the available budget.

Result is a successful project to which the involved parties can look back with pleasure.



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