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CMS WebEdition

A wide range of Content-Management-Systems is available nowadays. Sometimes specialized for a specific goal.

But there are only few that offer both developer and user full freedom and controll.

WebEdition is such a CMS!

The CMS webEdition will give you full control over the source code so your pages will be indexed by the major search engines like Google without problems.

Existing or new websites can effortlesly be integrated if you use the webEdition CMS.

License CMS

WebEdition is Open Source and therefore free to install. (Available under the General Public Licence)

CMS with many functions

WebEdition provides you with a lot of possibilities: Version controll, Workflow, Webshop, spelling control, Export of data and much more.

But other CMS like Joomla, WordPress or Magento offer you much. So why choose webEdition?

ModulModular design, SEO friendly CMS

In the Webedition editor you can change the url's at any time to ensure optimal scoring in the search engines. (SEO friendly)

The required "301 redirects" can be created in the editor inside WebEdition.

Webedition is available in various languages.

WebEdition is used worldwide for more than 50,000 websites and there is a large group of enthusiastic users who share knowledge and experience.

Would you like to see an example of this page in WebEdition?