MegaChip Two - 2MB Chipmem expansion for Amiga 500/1500/2000 by Power Computing (1994)

From an advert in magazine:
Power Mega Chip Two by Power Computing

Upgrade your Amiga to 2 Mb of chip RAM.

  • "For AMIGA 500/1500/2000."
  • "Upgrade your Amiga to 2 Mb of chip RAM."
  • "Supplied with everything you need including 2Mb 8375 Agnus chip."
  • "Easy to fit, no soldering, internal fitting, still allows A500 trapdoor expansion to work."
  • "Fully compatible with all known software"


MegaChip TWO back

MegaChip TWO installed A500

Manual update:

The colour coding of the fly leads to be attached to the gary chip have been changed from that stated in the User Manual to the following show below, this is valid for pages 4,7 and 8.
RED > pin 35 Gary Chip
YELLOW > pin 36 Gary Chip
PURPLE > pin 38 Gary Chip
ORANGE > pin 39 Gary Chip

gary pin out amiga


Computer World price: GBP 144.99
Advert 1994:
Amigashopper Mega Chip two

MegaChip TWO manual
Manual will be scanned in the year 2016...

To be continued...